Depending on the type of bees you need removed, the size and age of your bee hive, where it is located, how high it is above ground, and how much it will cost to repair the access area, prices and costs for bee removal range from $1 to $1500 or more. The cost of travel to the employment location might also be affected by the distance traveled. After the first bee removal, a discount is likely to be offered for multiple bee removals at the same location. Additionally, prices will differ based on the licensing, insurance, and guarantee of the firm or beekeeper.

How to Get Rid of Bees Without Harming Them in Your Neighborhood

Humane Carolina's bee hive removal costs are listed below.

Keep in mind that we are a seasoned business that is registered, insured, and guaranteed by workers' comp. We also guarantee our work and have the carpentry skills required to fix the access area after the bees and honey comb have been removed from the hive.

Removal of a honey bee swarm might cost between $75 and $200.
Removal of a Yellow Jacket Nest from the Ground Will Cost You Between $150 and $250.
Removal of a Yellow Jacket Nest without Repairs Can Cost Between $200 and $450
Removal and repair of a Yellow Jacket nest can cost anywhere between $250 and $550.
Removal of a hornet's nest might cost between $150 and $350.
Honey bee removal from a tree costs between $450 and $700.
Removal of live honey bees without repairs costs between $450 and 850 dollars.
Removal and repair of live honey bees costs between $550 and $950.
Commercial Honey Bee Extraction Costs $900-$1250

Here are a few additional details about our prices. We will not charge you unless we are unable to resolve your bee problem, in which case we may impose a possible travel fee. In light of this, we'd want to let you know up front that our work is guaranteed. If the problem persists after our initial visit, we will return at no additional cost until it is resolved. Which, while it has happened in the past, happens infrequently. Because we remove the entire nest, we are able to complete nearly all of our bee removal jobs in an one visit.

We will not raise the price we quote over the phone if the task turns out to be more than we anticipated.

Just complete our estimate form if you'd like an accurate price for us to come out and remove your bee infestation. Sending a picture of the bee problem to us via text or email is also very beneficial. Having successfully completed numerous bee eradication projects, we can usually provide a free estimate over the phone without needing to see the property first.

A major goal of Humane Carolina is to provide the best possible bee removal service at the best possible price for customers. When you choose us, we feel you're receiving the most value for your money because of the high quality of service we provide! Our goal is to be one of the best firms in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina for removing live honey bees. As a result, we aim to be as helpful as possible even if you don't choose us. To learn more about additional bee removal firms and beekeepers throughout Georgia and across the country, click on the following links. The cost and price of bee removal work will differ depending on the company you choose.

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