BATS IN YOUR ATTIC ARE A DANGER Bats are extremely beneficial to our ecosystem because they act as natural pest controllers. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, a bat can consume up to 600-1000 insects in a single hour. However, the danger of bats in your home is extremely real and can result in irreversible health concerns and even death. Bats are strictly nocturnal animals. They are nocturnal feeders who spend most of the day roosting in flocks. When bats roost in your attic, they bring with them costly destruction and potentially hazardous side effects. Bats are also territorial by nature, and once a roosting site is established, they will return each year. if you are looking for Raleigh bat exclusion services, be sure to call today!


Bats Roosting In Attic | Worst Odor Ever Bats urinate and defecate wherever they roost, and the odor of their droppings can quickly infiltrate your living space and become extremely unpleasant. If you notice a persistent foul odor emanating from your property, bats may be there. #2 DROPS Guano, or bat droppings, can be found anywhere bats roost. If you investigate the floors of your attic and notice many mounds of Guano, you almost certainly have bats. #3 DISTURBANCES Bats may be present if you continue to hear rustling, scratching, or flutter noises in your attic during the day. RISK OF DISEASE Guano includes bacteria, including rabies, and will produce fungal spores that can cause histoplasmosis. This infection can cause severe respiratory problems, tiredness, coughing, and fever, and it can be fatal in persons with compromised immune systems. Bats are also rabies carriers, and while getting bitten by one is uncommon, a bat wound requires prompt medical attention. If you suspect the presence of bats in your attic or any other area of your home, contact a skilled wildlife professional to conduct an inspection.
Any Pest provides a responsible and humane solution to your bat's problems. Since 1989, we've been serving metro Atlanta with the skills, knowledge, and professional technicians necessary to remove and prevent bats from entering your house.
CONTROL OF WILDLIFE IN ATLANTA, GA While an animal infestation is just as unattractive and stressful as an insect infestation, there is a greater chance of property damage, potential injury, and disease with an animal infestation. While the majority of animals you encounter on the exterior of your home may appear cute and harmless, once they invade your property, those cute, innocent animals can rapidly become a nuisance. Apart from the enormous amount of harm that animals can wreak, they can transmit MORE illnesses than many insects. Our team consists of professionals in live trapping, humane animal removal, and relocation who are fully licenced and permitted (State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources). Contact us immediately by phone or online. Read more on: Bat removal Proceses